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ELIXIR.NO - a Research Infrastructure Project

The ELIXIR.NO project is coordinated by the University of Bergen and includes the Universities in Oslo, Trondheim, Tromso and Aas. It receives funding from the Research Council of Norway through its research infrastructure program and is also supported by the participating institutions. Read more...

Recent Publications

(2013) "Identification of serum microRNA profiles in colon cancer"
Hofsli, E.; Sjursen, W.; Prestvik, W.S.; Johansen, J.; Rye, M.; Trano, G.; Wasmuth, H.H.; Hatlevoll, I.; Thommesen, L. British journal of cancer 108(8):1712-1719 view article

(2013) "The Genomic HyperBrowser: an analysis web server for genome-scale data" Sandve, G.K.; Gundersen, S.; Johansen, M.; Glad, I.K.; Gunathasan, K.; Holden, L.; Holden, M.; Liestol, K.; Nygard, S.; Nygaard, V.; Paulsen, J.; Rydbeck, H.; Trengereid, K.; Clancy, T.; Drablos, F.; Ferkingstad, E.; Kalas, M.; Lien, T.; Rye, M.B.; Frigessi, A.; Hovig, E. Nucleic acids research 41(W1):W133-W141 view article

(2013) "MotifLab: a tools and data integration workbench for motif discovery and regulatory sequence analysis" Klepper, K.; Drablos, F.  BMC bioinformatics 14:9 view article

(2013) "A Short-activating RNA Oligonucleotide Targeting the Islet beta-cell Transcriptional Factor MafA in CD34(+) Cells" Reebye, V.; Saetrom, P.; Mintz, P.J.; Rossi, J.J.; Kasahara, N.; Nteliopoulos, G.; Nicholls, J.; Haoudi, A.; Gordon, M.; Habib, N.A. Molecular therapy. Nucleic acids 2:e97 view article

(2013) "Novel Long Non-Coding RNAs Are Regulated by Angiotensin II in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells" Leung, A.; Trac, C.; Jin, W.; Lanting, L.; Akbany, A.; Saetrom, P.; Schones, D.E.; Natarajan, R. Circulation research view article

The bioinformatics platform provides research-based services and training to functional genomics users in Norway.


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ELIXIR.NO is a project supported by the Research Council of Norway aimed to build a Norwegian Bioinformatics research infrastructure and to establish a Norwegian ELIXIR Node.

ELIXIR is a pan-European research infrastructure - read more at www.elixir-europe.org